CARBONAIR – the first CO2-negative cement

HYDROGENATE E is a moonshot project to convert gigatons of atmospheric CO 2 into a CO 2 -negative bulk feedstock: CARBON AIR . We do this in partnership with nature. Nature converts CO 2 into biomass, which becomes waste over time. Instead of burning the waste back into CO 2 , our HYDROGENAT E technology first converts the organic components of the waste into methane, largely without leaving any residue.

HYDROGENAGT E – Waste becomes renewable natural gas

Methane is then transformed into solid carbon by means of methane pyrolysis: CARBON AIR . CARBON AIRwill become a carbon negative bulk feedstock for durable goods such as carbon-negative building materials for future carbon-negative buildings and cities. .... The hydrogen used to convert the waste is released again in the subsequent methane pyrolysis and is therefore available to the process in the cycle. As a result, the process can be operated in a very energy-efficient manner.

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