The best support for innovative high-tech companies is currently available from the EU. Very competitive, but excellent projects always have a chance if the application process is well supported.

Manfred Baumgärtner, Vorstand

HorzionEurope and EIC- The EU accelerates innovation

The EU is restructuring its research and development programmes: The major framework programme Horizon2020 will be refocused and will be called HorizonEurope. The programmes for technology companies have already been bundled together as EIC – European Innovation Council. Important programmes of EIC are the Pathfinder and Accelerator formats.

  • HorizonEurope: First Information here

  • EIC – European Innovation Council. The Pathfinder programme is aimed at companies with disruptive innovations in an early technological phase, while the Accelerator programme subsequently supports the demonstration phase and market launch. Grants of up to EUR 2.5 million per company are possible. Access to the topic here.

The funding rate in the EIC programmes is currently only 4-6 % due to the great interest. This means that out of 100 applications submitted, 4-6 are approved. Our rate in these programmes is 66%. Please contact us if you have an excellent project.

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