The WHITEROCK team has already supported more than 150 national and international high technology projects. WHITEROCK works together with leading companies and research institutions. Our projects have been awarded by several institutions e.g. “European Innovation Leader” or “Lighthouse Project of the German Federal Government”. Let’s have a look at current publishable projects for which we are looking for cooperation partners:

OrganoPor Logo

Organic building insulation

OrganoPor develops fire resistant biobased insulation materials with optimal cost structure and scalability – eventually replacing Styropor.

  • Partners: building material manufacturers

  • Status: Launched, Link

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Research Infrastructure

NanoWorldMaps: Europe’s future Research Infrastructure for Large-Area Nano-Scale-Imaging. NanoWorldMaps is currently in the design phase.  NanoWorldMaps aims to become Europe’s leading distributed Research Infrastructure for Large-Area Nano-Scale-Imaging in Life and Material Science.

  • Partners: Electron microscopy centers, manufacturers, service providers, users

  • Status: Design Phase, Link


Network Intelligent Energy Storage

autarKI – adaptive production and management of energy supply systems with AI methods.

  • Partners: Manufacturers and service providers in the field of battery storage. AI software providers in the field of modelling and process/production automation.

  • Status: Design phase

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We are currently working on the license marketing of these technologies:

  • HydrogenatE – “Hydrogenate Everything” is a technology for the large-scale conversion of biogenic waste (e.g. sewage sludge) into bio natural gas (bio-LNG) and NPK fertilizers (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) using hydrogen from sector coupling. Also suitable for plastic waste.

  • PandemicAid – Safe, easy to wear and cost-effective respiratory protection to avoid contact restrictions and plant closures in pandemic situations. The innovation: Even sneeze and cough ejecta are bound. So sneezing and coughing do not lead to contamination. Potentially viral particles and droplets can neither be expelled nor inhaled.

  • SUNMACHINE – Innovative use of direct sunlight.

  • HideoutLounge – The HideoutLounge is an innovative climate capsule for garden and terrace. It dampens the sunlight and creates a light cooling breeze. So you can relax even in hot temperatures without sun protection. Or work on your notebook without glare. And the best thing is, you are invisible from the outside, from the inside you can see everything all around you. Website:


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