Who doesn’t know the magic of an idea that is thought of for the first time?  Whiterock.Ventures is our tool for starting exciting technology companies. High or deep? We bring high tech and deep tech teams from an early stage (from TRL 2) to market success. Together with the teams, we work out the development roadmap and the business model and provide the necessary funding. Now we have started HYDROGENATE.


Produce CO2-negative bulk raw materials and stop waste incineration at the same time

HYDROGENATE is a moonshot project to convert atmospheric CO2 in the gigatons range into a carbon-negative bulk commodity: Carbon Zero.

We do this in partnership with nature. Nature converts CO2 into biomass, which over time turns into waste. Instead of burning the waste back to CO2, our HYDROGENATE technology converts the organic components of the waste to methane of high purity. Methane is then transformed into carbon with the oxidation number 0 by means of methane pyrolysis: Carbon Zero. Carbon Zero will become a CO2-negative bulk raw material for durable goods such as CO2-negative building materials for future CO2-negative buildings and CO2-negative cities.

HYDROGENATE is an official participant in the $ 100 million XPrize Carbon Removal from Elon Musk. We believe that HYDROGENATE will be the most cost-effective and scalable process for the climate-relevant removal of CO2 from the atmosphere – initially via biomass and waste and later also directly from the air. With the XPrize participation, we want to demonstrate the technology together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) first on a prototype and then on an industrial scale and develop the business model for scaling up to the gigatons range.

Our contribution to #GoodbyeClimateChange AND # GoodbyeWasteIncineration: HYDROGENATE = Hydrogenate Everything.

  • Partners: plant manufacturers, waste management.

  • Sponsors for our XPrize team: raw materials, energy, construction, chemical companies, impact investors …

XPrize Carbon Removal

Lithium harvesting from borehole brines

FUTURE MINING – Many thousands of boreholes in the oil and gas industry and, in the future, the deep geothermal energy industry produce brines that contain interesting amounts of lithium. The problem, however, is the extraction of lithium from these brines before they are pumped back underground. FUTURE MINING has developed a process to “harvest” the lithium with very little investment and operating costs and very little modification of the processes at the borehole. The result is a concentrate that FUTURE MINING picks up at regular intervals for central processing.

  • Partners: companies in the oil and gas industry, deep geothermal energy.

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