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Manfred Baumgärtner, CEO

Three steps to market success – with R&D funding programmes

Prototype – industrial demonstrator – market ramp-up. These are the usual steps from innovation to market success. For all three steps, there is a multitude of funded projects. Non-repayable grants make enable generous budgets and powerful mitigation of development risks at all three stages.

Prototype Development

There are a variety of national and EU programmes to promote innovation. Here are some programmes that mainly support development work up to the prototype stage:

  • The German KMU-innovativ Programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi) is very interesting for German technology companies

  • The Pathfinder programme of the European Innovation Council (EIC) for early-stage and sophisticated technology development

  • The Eurostars programme for small consortia of European technology companies

Together with you we will define suitable programs and write a winning proposal.

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Industrial demonstrators and real-world labs

Once the prototype has been developed, it has to prove itself in tough industrial or consumer everyday life. There are specific programs for this phase:

  • The German ZIM programme supports innovation development of small and medium-sized enterprises. As an individual project, in a network of several companies, or as a cooperation network.

  • The EIC’s Accelerator Programme supports high tech innovations up to a funding volume of EUR 2.5 million per company.

  • The EIC’s Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) promotes small consortia of European technology companies.

Market entry and market ramp-up

The market entry of innovations can be very capital-intensive. Some programmes can help at this stage at national and EU level:

  • Larger and capital-intensive technology deployments can be financed through the European Investment Bank (EIB) InnovFin-Programme.

  • ERDF programmes are co-financed by the EU and the European member countries. The countries derive their own support programmes, which usually also include substantial funding for technology and technological infrastructure.

  • The German Environmental Innovation Programme enables environmental innovations to be implemented for the first time in Germany.

The Innovation Fund is a new large-volume program for large-scale technology and infrastructure projects. With a total budget of 110 billion EUR until 2030, it is able to support projects with a total of 1 billion EUR annually. Do you have a technology or infrastructure project that you are currently launching on the market – and which is NOT yet classified as “bankable”? Talk to us about an application in one of the first calls of the Innovation Fund in 2020. Just call +49 711 65696572.

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