On this page, we present the German ZIM Programme and the ZIM Cooperation Networks. European SME companies can cooperate in these networks. Talk to us and become a winner when it comes to the distribution of subsidies and grants.

Manfred Baumgärtner, CEO

ZIM projects

The Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) of the Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi) is a very popular support programme for small and medium-sized enterprises. With an annual budget of over 550 million EUR, ZIM supports a large number of interesting application-oriented projects every year.

You can develop new technologies with ZIM projects and receive support for marketing. Apply for an individual ZIM project (ZIM-EP) or join forces with research institutes or other companies for a cooperation project (ZIM-KF or ZIM-KU).

  • Grant amounts from EUR 135 000 to EUR 270 000 per applicant

  • Applications may be made: Small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 500 employees. Medium-sized companies with up to 1,000 employees can participate in cooperation projects.

  • There are favourable conditions for young companies and companies in structurally weak regions. The distinction between East and West Germany has been discontinued.

ZIM cooperation networks

ZIM Cooperation Networks (ZIM-KN) is a very successful ZIM funding format. Small or medium-sized companies work with research institutes as network partners under the common umbrella of the ZIM-KN on a technology topic of their choice. Each network is supervised by a network manager. ZIM Cooperation Networks are also open for partner SMEs from all over Europe.

  • At least 6 small or medium-sized companies form a ZIM cooperation network. If required, research institutes and large companies can also participate.

  • Das Netzwerk arbeitet in zwei Phasen: Die erste Phase mit dem Schwerpunkt der Definition und Beantragung der Förderprojekte dauert ein Jahr . Bei Erfolg schließt sich eine zweite Phase über zwei bis drei Jahre an mit dem Schwerpunkt der Vermarktungsunterstützung der entwickelten Innovationen.

  • Each network partner can apply for funding up to 250,000 EUR per project.

The WHITEROCK team has already established and successfully managed two ZIM cooperation networks as network managers (see below, photo right).

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