Ein Blick auf Projekte, die wir aktuell entwickeln oder unterstützen:

Building insulation

OrganoPor develops fire resistant biobased insulation materials with optimal cost structure and scalability – eventually replacing Styropor.

  • Status: Launched

  • Partners: building material manufacturers

Garden, lifestyle

HideoutLounge: Great lifestyle product for gardens and public spaces. Innovative fabrics create privacy for open air relaxing or working.

  • Status: Launched, Link

  • Partners: Garden furniture manufactures

Whiterock AG - Visual

Upcoming projects

We’re currently working on some exciting projects. Please contact for more information, co-operation, or pitch decks.

  • COREscience: Financing and operating services for R&D core facilities, Link

  • FUTURE MINING: Ultra low cost separation of lithium from brines of gas fracking and geothermal energy production.

  • Hydrogenate: Hydrogenate develops a technology to transform all kind of biogenic materials to LNG and mineral nutrients (NKP).

  • ROADRUNNER: On-the-road-recharging of long distance electric trucks by a distributed system of autonomous driving batteries.


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