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Invent something valuable and let it grow

What we do

Whiterock is an innovation consultancy and works as a holding company for technology companies.

Whiterock has developed a service package for creating, developing, and marketing innovations: InnovationBuzz. It consists of the sub-services NetworkingBuzzFundingBuzz, and MarketingBuzz. We have created a dedicated website for our InnovationBuzz services. Please click here.

Furthermore, Whiterock AG acts as a holding company for two technology projects that we find exciting: CarbonAir and WhiteGreyLabs.

Management: Dr. Manfred Baumgaertner serves as the CEO of Whiterock AG, while Beate Baumgaertner holds the position of Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board. Additional members of the Supervisory Board include Felix Israel and Marcus Trapp. Whiterock AG is a privately held stock corporation governed by German law.

Some of our supported projects:



InnovationBuzz is our success package for creating, developing, and commercializing innovations


NetworkingBuzz is our tool to create a dream team for development and commercialization. Depending on your needs, it is built of strategic suppliers, friendly customers, or specialized researchers who can add the crucial idea.


FundingBuzz acquires non-refundable grants by writing successful applications for relevant funding programs and makes sure they win. FundingBuzz is focused on German and European programs. The database is in German.


MarketingBuzz is our powerful technology direct marketing service: With a little help from AI, we identify target customers and decision-makers and talk directly to them about projects to solve their problems with your technology.


Technology projects that we find exciting


Buildings made of CO2 – CarbonAir is the first carbon-negative cement. Made of solid carbon.


Understanding long term memory of the human brain and curing memory-related diseases


News from the projects we support

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