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We have developed three modules with which you can very successfully win national or EU funding for your innovations. Develop new technologies in funding projects with non-repayable grants. Or take part in one of the R&D networks we support and benefit from the collaboration with market leaders and excellent research institutions. That’s how it’s done:

WHITEROCK Funding from prototype development to market ramp-up

Let’s rock your innovations

There are many national and EU funding programs that offer non-repayable grants for the development of innovations. The amount of funding per company varies widely – from a hundred thousand to several million euros. In this range you can realize small as well as large and complex development projects and co-finance the associated infrastructure – without development risks endangering the profitability of the company. But winning such funding in a competitive environment can be very challenging.

Three modules for your success: We have developed three modules with which we provide you with effective support. So you can get high non-refundable grants with a high chance of success. Our modules are clearly structured and so comprehensive that your effort for applying for and managing funding projects is minimal.

Our three modules for funding

Use our proven modules to quickly and efficiently receive funding for your research and development. We have presented all three modules transparently. The modules build on each other:

  • Whiterock Funding-Navigator: Find suitable funding programs – overview of the funding landscape at national and EU level

  • Whiterock Module Funding Strategy: Fit for funding – development of your specific funding strategy

  • Whiterock Module Funding Project S/M/L: Win funding projects – end-to-end support for the preparation of successful application documents.

Whiterock AG - Module

Whiterock Funding-Navigator

Find suitable funding programs – The Whiterock Funding-Navigator provides an overview of current funding programs at national and EU level. You will receive detailed information about the most important funding projects with non-repayable grants from one hundred thousand to several million euros per individual project. The Whiterock Funding-Navigator identifies funding programs that are suitable for your project. You can compare the most important programs with one another and you will receive links to the program websites and much more background information.


  • Comparative overview of the 18 most important German and EU funding programs and funding providers. Product language: German

  • Detailed presentation of the most important funding programs with over 80 links to the program websites and the most important German funding database, details on “Forschungszulage” and comparison to grants

  • Cockpit with a view of the national and EU-wide funding landscape and the selection of suitable funding programs

Comparison of funding programs:

  • What is the maximum funding program grant per company?
  • Which costs are eligible? How are overheads taken into account?

  • How high are the respective funding rates for SMEs and large companies?

  • What is the program budget per year?

  • Which topics and technologies are funded?

  • Who is eligible to apply? What special programs are there for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? Which programs are also available for large companies?

  • Can a single company submit an application or are joint projects funded?

  • How do I apply? Is there a direct application or a two-step process with a project outline? Are there any deadlines to be observed?

  • What are the requirements for companies and technology?

  • How difficult is it to receive funding?

  • How does the German “Forschungszulage” work? How attractive is it compared to funding projects?

  • Incl. over 80 links to the program details and Germany’s largest research database.

Overview of the funding landscape:

  • European Union:

    • The new Horizon Europe program with three pillars, clusters for all important technology fields, missions and innovation ecosystems
    • The specific programs for SMEs: EIC Accelerator or EIC Pathfinder
    • The calls of the European Green Deal
    • The country programs co-financed by the EU
  • Germany:

    • Important funding programs of the BMBF and BMWi.
    • The most important programs for small and medium-sized companies such as ZIM or KMU-innovativ
    • Funding options of the ZIM program for individual projects, for collaborations and networks

The funding program cockpit:

  • Presentation of 18 funding programs or funding providers at a glance

  • Selection of programs that are only intended for SMEs, including instructions for determining the SME characteristics

  • Selection of programs that are accessible to large companies

  • Selection of programs that allow an application by a single company for the implementation of “in-house” projects

  • Selection of programs that co-finance joint projects and networks

  • Direct connection of the cockpit with the individual program displays and with over 80 external links to all program details.

Product Info: Direct connection of the cockpit with the individual program descriptions and with over 80 external links to all program details.

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Whiterock Module Funding Strategy

The Whiterock Module Funding Strategy provides a specific strategy tailored to your company as to how you can benefit from funding in the best possible way. We analyze and optimize all success factors so that you can optimally position yourself for funding projects. In this way we greatly increase the chances of success of your first funding project.

What do I have to consider and how do I have to set up my company in order to benefit from subsidies now and in the long term? Which funding program should I start with and how do I optimize the chances of receiving non-repayable grants? We work together to develop your specific funding project strategy.

The Whiterock Module Funding Strategy works with a matrix in which the most important funding programs are compared with your R&D project ideas. In this way, the most suitable funding program for an initial funding project can be identified. Furthermore, areas of activity are identified for an optimal positioning for funding projects.

We work with you to develop a strategy for sustainable funding project success with a pipeline of further funding projects and a to-do list for optimizing the success factors.

The Whiterock module funding strategy consists of five steps:

  • Initial meeting: We discuss your R&D planning in a Teams-meeting

  • Checklist: Collecting the necessary data to create the matrix

  • Matrix: We create a matrix of the most important funding projects in relation to your planning

  • Strategy document: Matrix of the funding programs suitable for your R&D projects, a proposal for the first funding project that is easiest to achieve and pipeline of further funding projects, suggestions for action to optimize the success factors

  • Discussion of results: We discuss the strategy document with you in a team meeting.

Strategy document with a matrix of suitable funding programs, a proposal for an initial funding project and recommendations for action for the pipeline of further funding projects.

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  • WHITEROCK Module Funding Strategy
  • WHITEROCK Module Funding Strategy Workflow
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Whiterock Module Funding Project S/M/L

Winning funding projects: The Whiterock Modules Funding Project S/M/L are used to win funding and grants. The modules include turnkey support for applying for a funding project and for receiving non-repayable grants. The modules are structured according to the amount of funding to be applied for: Whiterock Module Funding Project S for grants up to 300,000 euros, Whiterock Module Funding Project M for grants from 300,000 euros to 1 million euros, and Whiterock Module Funding Project L for grants over 1 million euros.

Goal: Successful application for funding.

All funding programs place specific requirements on the innovation to be developed and the applicant. We support you by drafting a successful project application*. We attach great importance to the development and presentation of the success factors of your project. This greatly increases your chances of receiving funding ranging from one hundred thousand to several million euros.

The Whiterock Module Funding Project consists of seven steps:

  • Initial meeting: currently as a Teams-meeting

  • Data acquisition

  • 1st draft of the project application and revision

  • 2nd draft of the project application and revision

  • Proposal for submission

  • Grant notification: The funding application is usually reviewed. In the expected case of approval, you will receive a notification of the grant. Then you can start the project.

  • Project processing training: Billing of eligible costs and correct reporting.

The process describes the one-stage process with direct application. In the case of a two-stage process, we first work on steps 1-5 up to the submission of the sketch. After a positive assessment of the sketch and the request to submit an application, steps 3-5 are run through again to create the final application document.

Goal: Success – Our Concept:
The Whiterock module funding project is handled by a small team. Application writers, success writers and success managers work closely together. The success manager is exclusively focused on the successful approval of your funding project. He coordinates all activities, integrates project partners upon request and communicates within the project, with program officers, or with the responsible contact points. Our success writers are the guarantee for a target-oriented and qualitative proposal. This greatly increases your chances of being in the first place in the assessment process.

Result: Application document for submission to the funding agency.

Variants: The Whiterock Module Funding Project is available in three sizes:

  • Whiterock Module Funding Project S: Project application in programs with non-repayable grants/funding of up to 300,000 euro. Example ZIM.
  • Whiterock Module Funding Project M: Grants from 300,000 euro to 1 million euro. Example: invest bw.
  • Whiterock Module Funding Project L: Grants from 1 million euro. Examples: EIC Accelerator or EIC Pathfinder.
Remuneration: Success-oriented with an attractive percentage success fee + low starting fee. Ask for a non-binding information appointment or an offer.

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* Successful project application: A successful project application has a high chance of funding, but does not yet guarantee approval. This depends on further factors such as the number of further project applications submitted in relation to the available budget of funding.

  • WHITEROCK Module Funding Project
  • WHITEROCK Module Funding Project Workflow
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Competence and enthusiasm

The Whiterock team has already supported over 150 national and international technology projects. Whiterock works together with leading companies and research institutions. There have already been many awards for this – from the“European Innovation Leader” to the “Lighthouse Project of the German Federal Government”. Together with our customers and partners, we want to make a contribution to future topics that are important to us.

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