CarbonAir cement is an innovation – made from the CO2 in the air. CarbonAir is made from multiple carbon components using an innovative process. It is made for pouring and 3D printing – on-site and for prefabricated parts. CarbonAir will have the same or better functionality than traditional cement – for buildings made of CO2.

A carbon-negative cement from solid carbon

CarbonAir – Decarbonization solution for three industries

The objective of CarbonAir is to provide the cement and building materials industry with an alternative material that not only emits no CO2 during production but which actively removes large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere by its process chain. CarbonAir will be a great opportunity for the oil&gas industry, waste management, and the construction industry not only to decarbonize their operations but to build a climate-relevant sink of CO2.

  • Cement and building materials industry: Use CarbonAir to offset your carbon footprint, broaden the product portfolio, and decarbonize production processes.
  • Oil & gas industry: Use methane pyrolysis (turquoise hydrogen) instead of steam reforming (blue hydrogen) to avoid the expensive-to-handle by-product CO2. We take off the solid carbon.
    Waste Management: Decarbonize by converting waste into valuable sellable products: RNG and solid carbon. We take off the solid carbon.