MarketingBuzz is our powerful technology direct marketing service: With a little help from AI, we identify your target customers in your target market. Then we identify the decision-makers in your target customer companies. What is the secret of our success? We have the standing to talk to C-level decision-makers – about relieving their pains with your technology. With a clever top-down approach, we free up the necessary project budgets.

Let’s rock your innovation

With Technology Direct Marketing

The best innovation is useless if your potential customers are not aware of it. Technology Direct Marketing is a powerful tool for initiating profitable customer relationships in the B2B segment. We support you with a complete service. With the help of artificial intelligence, suitable target customers are identified who need your technology to solve urgent problems. We talk to the decision-makers or the decision-maker group at the target company and hand over leads that are ready to buy.


Talking about solutions with the right people is a powerful tool

Technology Direct Marketing is the solution for commercializing B2B innovations

With a little help from AI and social media, we pinpoint companies that urgently need your technology to solve specific problems quickly. Then we identify responsible decision-makers in their decision group. This is step 1 of MarketingBuzz.

“Here comes the solution.”

In Step 2, we talk to your future customers. The knowledge from Step 1 enables us to identify specific customer problems and present your technology as a perfectly fitting solution. This generates momentum.

“Ok, let’s try your technology.”

We use interest and momentum to initiate concrete first steps. For example, to try out your technology in a project. MarketingBuzz gives you sales leads that are excited about your solution and ready to buy.