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We can see everywhere how much innovation has improved our lives and our working environment. Groundbreaking innovations such as the Internet have created entirely new markets and still enable many companies to develop at a rapid pace. Almost even more important is the large number of individual innovations that improve production everywhere, make it more efficient or switch to sustainable energy sources and resources. Only with innovations will companies remain responsible, future-proof and, last but not least, profitable in the future.

However, the development of innovations often proves to be complex and cost-intensive – and this with a high degree of initial uncertainty if the innovations will be able to compete on the market in the end. The instrument of subsidies is there to overcome these hurdles. How can we develop innovative products quickly, efficiently and in a risk-adjusted manner with the support of subsidies?

How it works

We support in financing your R&D projects with a three-step model – from prototype development to industrial demonstration and market launch. We take care of the acquisition of necessary subsidies to supplement the development budget. With well-equipped and uncomplicated budgets, you motivate developers to create successful products and processes. And with the associated monitoring, you can see at any time whether the respective project is on the right track.

“Why subsidies?”

Subsidies are non-repayable grants for development costs. They enable you to launch extensive innovations, whose risk you might otherwise have shied away from. The popular German ZIM Programme has an annual volume of over EUR 500 million and provides grants of approximately EUR 250,000 per R&D project t for small and medium-sized companies. The EU’s Accelerator Programme offers grants of up to EUR 2.5 million per company. The EU Innovation Fund can support energy projects up to the (high) double-digit million range.

“Successful acquisition and use of subsidies and grants.”

Grants are awarded in a competitive process after the application documents have been reviewed. A very good project and convincing application documents are decisive for approval. Trust in our decades of experience and be a winner when it comes to distributing grants and subsidies. Your risk and capacity commitment is minimal, as we work success-based and support you with tools that enable efficient management of the projects with minimal administrative effort. Let us talk about your innovation. Just call +49 711 65696572.


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Developing innovation strategies, financing innovation projects via subsidies and launching innovations on the market. WHITEROCK supports technology companies in the realization of disruptive innovations. WHITEROCK takes over all tasks of applying for and managing funded projects. Furthermore, WHITEROCK provides expertise and instruments to assess innovations technologically and economically and to develop successful innovation strategies.

Our Services:

  • Technology Strategy: Which disruptive technologies will prevail? Promote or control innovation, disruption, and impact.

  • Innovation Strategy: Grow with internal and external innovations, improve the corporate innovation culture.

  • Grants: Financing innovations with national or EU funding. Project development and preparation of successful application documents. For submissions to EIC, BMBF, BMWi, ZIM, or Horizon Europe.

  • Consortia and Networks: Creation and management of R&D-consortia and innovation networks.

  • Structured Finance: For investments and infrastructure in transformative industries, using innovative financial instruments e.g. of the EIB and the European Green Deal.

  • Commercialization Plan: Business concept planning (fabless, licensing, x-as-a-service), market entry (demonstrators, living labs), and market ramp-up.

Attractive funding programmes

The national governments and the EU offer more than 700 different funding programmes. But which funding programme is attractive and fits your project? Together with you, we identify suitable programmes. Here are some interesting funding programmes with a focus on small and medium-sized technology companies:


Let’s talk about your innovation project. Just call +49 711 65696572.