A coordinated support package for the development, financing, and commercialization of innovations

Whiterock has developed a package for the development and marketing of innovations – under the somewhat humorous brand InnovationBuzz. It consists of the sub-services NetworkingBuzzFundingBuzz, and MarketingBuzz.


NetworkingBuzz is our tool to create a dream team for development and commercialization. Depending on your needs, it is built of strategic suppliers, friendly customers, or specialized researchers who can add the crucial idea. Then we support the formed consortia with project management.


FundingBuzz acquires non-refundable grants by writing successful applications for relevant funding programs and makes sure they win.


MarketingBuzz is our powerful technology direct marketing service: With a little help from AI, we identify your target customers in your target market. Then we identify the decision-makers in your target customer companies. What is the secret of our success? We have the standing to talk to C-level decision-makers – about relieving their pains with your technology. With a clever top-down approach, we free up the necessary project budgets.