Eurostars is an interesting program with good funding opportunities for research-driven SMEs that want to develop a technology to market maturity with one or more European partners. However, the two-stage application process is complex. Maximum grant per company: 500,000 euros for the German partners of a project Flat rate: 100% of the [...]


EIC Accelerator

The EIC Accelerator program is an excellent opportunity for high-tech or deep-tech companies to make their technology, which is already functioning as a prototype (TRL 6), ready for the market. In addition, high subsidies and a capital contribution can be claimed. Only suitable for absolute top projects: Only 3-6% of applications are approved. [...]

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SME-innovative / KMU-innovativ

An established program for high-tech SMEs to develop and test an innovative technology alone or with partners at the prototype level. Maximum grant per company: needs-based, usual amounts around 500,000 euros Flat rate: + 100 % of personnel costs Grant: 50 % for industrial research, 25 % for experimental development, 10-20 % [...]

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ZIM Central Innovation Program for SMEs

The Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) is the program of choice for limited technical innovations from SMEs that are to be developed and brought to market in 1-2 years. Not well suited for software projects. Maximum grant per company: EUR 135,000 - 270,00 Flat rate: + 100 % of personnel costs [...]

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