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The Whiterock team has already supported over 150 national and international projects. Whiterock works together with leading companies and research institutions. Our projects have been awarded by several institutions e.g. “European Innovation Leader” or “Lighthouse Project of the German Federal Government”. Let’s have a look at current networks and consortia:

OrganoPor Logo

Organic building insulation

OrganoPor – a research project for the development of thermal insulation systems from renewable natural materials. The aim of OrganoPor is to develop insulation systems that are insulating, self-supporting and flame-retardant. OrganoPor’s technological approach is to encase natural materials with flame-retardant bio-resin.

  • Partners: building material manufacturers

NanoWorldMaps Logo

European research infrastructure

NanoWorldMaps – Europe’s future Research Infrastructure for large-area nano-scale-imaging. NanoWorldMaps is currently in the design phase. NanoWorldMaps will become Europe’s leading distributed Research Infrastructure for large-area nano-scale-imaging in life and material science.

  • Partners: Electron microscopy centres, manufacturers, service providers, users.

Whiterock AG - CEO Dr. Manfred Baumgärtner

“It is amazing what is possible when partners work together on the development and commercialization of complex technologies. We are happy to support you with finding partners, applying for grants, and the management of networks and consortia.”


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