WHITEROCK is an innovation management firm. WHITEROCK offers end2end packages for R&D financing including winning proposal writing, identifying partners, and marketing licenses. From prototypes to global roll-outs. From national grants to European R&D consortia.

WHITEROCK develops operation and financing concepts for research infrastructures and innovative production facilities.



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Let's discuss your innovation project or innovation pipeline. If we see a high probability for successful proposals, we offer a contract. Then, we develop a roadmap and start with writing winning grant applications. First milestone: Grant award.

Our payment is success based. Successful grant awards and mutual trust are the pillars of our co-operation.

For new businesses, we charge a commitment fee. A no-show fee will be charged, if our client cancels the co-operation prior to approval or rejection of pending grant applications.

Our team has a multi-decade experience in innovation management and successful proposal writing. We will support in defining your project and we will suggest to apply as soon as we believe that your project has gained the necessary pre-requisites of a successful application.

We participate in this risk by offering you a success based contract. We don't charge, if a project is rejected. Rejections with evaluation reports give the opportunity to improve the project and resubmit.

Industrial or R&D partners along the value chain are a great synergy in many innovation projects. In some cases, consortia can get extra-funding for network management.

All our projects are confidential. There are processes in place to protect all information shared. If our clients want us to integrate external investors, we are able to contact selected investors from our network. Every client will be asked to approve the list of potential investors and all information to be shared prior to investor presentations.

Our Commitment To You

“If you have a great innovation, you should have the best funding to bring it to live. Let's build a powerful fincancial solution using national and EU funding schemes.