The “Joint Task for the Improvement of Regional Economic Structures” (GRW) supports companies in the economically weakest regions in their relocation and development tasks. The districts and regions in which applications can be submitted are listed in a “funding map”.

  • Maximum grant per company: varies depending on the specific program

  • Flat rate: depending on the program

  • Subsidy: depending on the program

  • Funding bodies: Federal states

  • Program budget: EUR 1.2 billion for GRW, EUR 17 billion for the innovation programs (in 2020)

  • Funding topics:

    • GRW: Joint task “Improvement of the regional economic structure”
    • RUBIN – Regional entrepreneurial alliances for innovation
    • WE! – Change through innovation in the region
    • REGION.innovative
  • Eligible to apply: SMEs and large companies

  • Formats: In-house and consortia

  • Application: Funding calls of the programs, investment grants GRW ongoing

  • Requirements: Varies per program. GRW depending on the funding framework.

  • Difficulty level: Medium

Funding backdrop