NanoWorldMaps starts concept phase

NanoWorldMaps has started the concept phase in 2023. Concepts for the establishment of the nodes and their instrumentation are being developed. Furthermore, processes for access are being defined in order to provide researchers from academia and industry with tailored services. NanoWorldMaps will become a distributed research infrastructure with internationally distributed imaging nodes, each equipped with [...]

NanoWorldMaps starts concept phase2023-11-29T14:15:48+00:00

WhiteGreyLabs – Understanding memory

At WhiteGreyLabs, we are working on a totally new hypothesis of long-term memory. Currently, our work is still a kind of scientific game and we are not sure if we will win. But we believe that our game might have an impact on understanding the major systemic diseases of our time, such as Alzheimer’s and [...]

WhiteGreyLabs – Understanding memory2023-11-29T14:21:51+00:00

NanoWorldMaps Annual Meetings

NanoWorldMaps holds Annual Meetings every year. Until today, three meetings were held starting with the 1st Annual Meeting in 2019 at Zeiss Microscopy in Oberkochen, German. A number of European imaging scientists met on the premises of Carl Zeiss Microscopy in Oberkochen (Germany) to discuss the possible applications of a novel technology that speeds up [...]

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Multi-Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy

Two recent papers (June 2021) by groups in the USA have shown how a multi-beam electron microscope such as the MultiSEM from Zeiss, when combined with the automated ultramicrotome preparation of serial sections and powerful image segmentation algorithms can provide unprecedented data about how neurons in the brain connect to provide function – examples of [...]

Multi-Beam Scanning Electron Microscopy2023-11-29T14:23:23+00:00
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